New family car
First day of school 2002
Frog Experience
New picture of mom and dad
School Art Show, May 2002
Grandpa Wally's retirement golf party
Hunter and Mommy's Birthday!
Mommy's quilt square "Castle Angel", 2002
Am I related to Ken Schram?
Girl's Club!
Claire photo, Sept 2001
Visit Great Grandpa O
Hunter and his Big Wheel
Hunter's "Mad Face"
Durand Line, part of Afghan history
Family photo, October 2001
Tribute to Americans lost on Sept-11 2001
Home addition project summer 2001
Hunter hiking on Squak Mtn
Solis-Hobbs wedding
Deer in our yard!
Squak Mtn hike with my cousins
Mommy and Hunter's birthday
Easter party 2001
Class quilt square made by mommy
My cousin Ryne's 6th birthday party
Hunter and his friend the policeman
My cousin Zach, Tai Quon Do!
A visit to our favorite tunnel
Chinese New Year Day at school, January 25, 2001
New photos, January 20, 2001
Durand-Good new year party, Dec-30, 2000
Children's Garden winter program, December 17, 2000
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